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Being a baby photographer has to be one of the best jobs in the world. There is always so much joy and love around these little humans. Their smiles are unforced and so genuine!

We can schedule a photo-shoot for your baby along with some family portraits at any age. Keep in mind the stages (laying down, sitting up, crawling, etc.) or the milestones (6 months, first tooth, etc.) that you want to capture with this photography session.

If you missed newborn pictures of your baby, I suggest having portraits done after 6 weeks. At this point, for their first baby photos, they should have pretty good control of their head and they start to smile a little more :) Please feel to contact me with any questions or if you wish to schedule a baby photography session.

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When should we schedule a baby photography session?

The sooner the better, if you are hoping for a weekend session. We book baby portrait sessions up to 6 months in advance so don't be shy!

Can we be in some of the photos?

Yes! You, other family members, and pets can join the photo session.

Do you offer a discount if we book multiple photo sessions?

All our repeat clients receive a $50 discount off my current rates. The first session will be full price and the second will receive a $50 discount.

Baby's first year:


We schedule newborns from 5 days old to 3-4 weeks old. They are very sleepy at this point so it's best to capture newborns at the early stages. The newborn photos will be a mix of family shots and your sweet angel on their own.

6 weeks – 5 month:

At this point babies are developing their motor skills and don't really do much. They are a little animated and smile but for the most part they are still trying to figure things out. With this age we will capture photos of your baby on it's back, some tummy time, but mostly you loving and holding your little bundle of joy.

6 Months – 11 Months:

So much growth! They are in the early stages of mobility and they can sit on their own! They are very animated by now and LOVE to grab stuff. At this stage we will capture lots of love between you and your baby but the focus will be on them. Diaper shots are always cute. Little baby on a big bed while grabbing their feet is priceless! We can include some books, blankets, stuffed animals, or anything else that your baby might enjoy.

The Big ONE:

1st year birthday pictures are always so special! At this point they have found a way of getting around. Walking, crawling, scooting, rolling, and sometimes a modified version of one of those. We will capture lots of love between you and your baby but the focus again will be on them for their big milestone. Props like balloons, blankets, stuffed animals, books, bubbles, and a cake are always welcome to keep them entertained.

Affordable Baby Photography in the Denver Colorado metro area

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