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The difference between child photography and baby photography is that we are no longer in control. Children have gained full control of their mobility and they're always on the go! They have the attention span of a 2 year old!! :)

For child photography it's best that the photo session consist of activities and the least amount of "posing" as possible. When scheduling a children's photography session, we should plan on a time when the children are happiest. If you have any questions about please feel free to contact us.

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When should we schedule a photography session for my kid?

The earlier the better if you are hoping for a weekend session. I book portrait sessions up to 6 months in advance so don't be shy!

Can we be in some of the photos?

Yes! You, other family members, or pets can join the photo session.

What should we have ready for the photo session?

This is very important. We need to keep them entertained and always moving. Think about songs that they enjoy hearing or games that they enjoy playing. Do they like being tossed in the air? Hide and seek? Do they enjoy being chased? Jumping? Before our session think of activities that can capture your kids personality. You know them best! Bubbles, balloons, their favorite toy, a blanket, bike, or wagon are always a great idea.

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