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Bring A Friend:

Our "Bring A Friend" discount is for new clients only. If you are looking to book a photo shoot and know a friend who is also interested, then tell them about us! If you book and they book, we will give you both a $45 discount on either portrait package!


You both have to book together. We trust that you both will keep your photo appointment. If one has to cancel then the other will pay full price of their own photo shoot.

Our Referral Program:

This is open to new clients and previous clients. Send us 4 different referrals who book and complete a photo shoot with us and you receive a free 1 hour photo shoot (A-Stop $375).

4 referrals = 1 Free 1 hour photo shoot!

What if you can't give us 4 referrals? It's ok! With every referral you receive a $90 credit on either portrait package. Here's how it works...

1 referral = $90 credit

2 referrals = $180 credit

3 referrals = $270 credit

4 referrals = Free 1 hour shoot valued at $375

It's simple! Spread the word! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

If you are a previous client you automatically receive a $50 discount off our current rates. However, this referral discount cannot be combined with any other discount. You can pick the $50 discount or the $90 discount if you refer a friend. You should definitely refer a friend ;)

*Our referral program started in 2018, thank you for all our past referrals

*None of this holds any cash value :)

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Maternity/Newborn Special:

Receive a discount when you schedule a maternity (A-Stop package) and newborn session (B-Stop package). Read More »

Special Offers & Discounts:

Read about our "Bring a Friend" offer and our referral program to learn how to receive a free 1 hour photo shoot. Read More »

Canvas & Metal Prints:

Create beautiful wall art from your images with canvas and metal prints. Click on the link to view the possibilities! View Examples »

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